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This is a dog like avatar project made for VRChat that was originally inspired by the regulus avatar. It has some similarities in appearance but this avatar is built from scratch and completely unique. If you want it for free and are fine with it as-is (no edits, customization, or file access) you can use it free as an avatar in vrchat using my avatar world at


Things that should be included:

-Unity package and .blend file

-Quest avatar

-PC avatar

-Fallback compatibility

-Visime blend shapes

-Seat toggle

-Ear Shape toggle

-Eyelash toggle

-Flushed toggle

-Tail control

-Separate hoodie and pants toggles for PC

-Radial menu for 11 different body color patterns

-Separate eye color radial menus for PC

-14 separate expression menu toggles

-10 gesture expressions

If one or more of these are missing please let me know so I can fix it.


Performance information:

PC avatar has 26,294 tris, 2 material slots, and a rating of excellent by the VRC SDK.

Quest avatar has 7,673 tris, 1 material slot, and a rating of good by the VRC SDK.


Use the VRChat Creator companion to create an avatars 3.0 project and place this unity package into the project. You may also need to add the VRCFury package for full functionality. If you do not already know how to upload avatars to VRChat then make sure you are aware of the process first. You can find tutorials on youtube.

This unity package VRChat avatar uses the following packages to work correctly:


-Poyomi Shader


They might already exist in the package but it is best to check and make sure they are there.

If the blend files do not open, update blender and see if it resolves the problem.

Can contact me @Keith_3201 or join for suggestions or complaints.


By downloading this model you hereby agree to the following terms of service

Things that you may do with this model after purchase:

-Use in VRChat

-Edit for personal use

-Use in videos or renders

-Use in streaming

-Add accessories or textures for use in VRChat and selling/sharing them only if both you and the third party legally own the model and package

-Redistribute only the armature/rig for the purpose of adding accessories only if both you and the third party legally own the model and package

Things that you can NOT do with this model:

-Redistribute the model itself or the unity package

-Claim to have created the original file

-Share product keys

-Commercial use that is unauthorized by the original author

-Port this model to any video game other than VR Chat, ChilloutVR, or Resonite unless given direct permission from the original author.


If you publish this to vrchat publicly please credit @Keith_3201 in the description

Thank you for your time and consideration

I want this!

No refunds

Due to the digital nature of this product, there can be no refunds. If this avatar does not turn out as advertised then let me know so I can fix the problem.

Last updated May 12, 2024

PC avatar
VRC excellent rating
Quest avatar
VRC good rating
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11 ratings
I want this!